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We provide Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence consulting services. The service is to be used by:

  • Companies (clients) which see the need for Big Data Analytics combined with Business Intelligence but do not have the capabilities to implement a full Big Data or

  • Companies which do not wish to invest in and maintain the hardware and software infrastructure necessary.

Our approach is to propose and build a data strategy roadmap across four dimensions: Data, Tools, Analytical Models, and Business Value:

  • Data – review internal and external data sources: structured or unstructured, batch or real-time…

  • Tools – evaluate and recommend use Big Data Analytics tool.

  • Analytical Model – identify and define the right models.

  • Business Value – support companies in defining, measuring and improving business value

We aim at helping our clients to build data-driven strategies that are able to give deeper insight, and predict and control better business outcomes. Our services focus on helping organizations to develop data and analytics plan across business, technology, and operations in order to enable them to:

  • Build innovative products and services,

  • Discover new revenues opportunities,

  • Reduce cost of operations,

  • Improve processes and reduce cycle times.

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