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We have developed a strong expertise in the design, concept development and engineering of subsea production systems for offshore fields including deepwater field development, subsea-to-beach, subsea tie-back, or any other solution that would fit with your project. We evaluate and provide studies to determine which solution is the best for subsea development. 


We develop several options of field architecture considering the reservoir, external and internal conditions of the project.

We can present a screening of all the concepts and technologies available in the market to the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry

Our experience engineers can develop architecture options, preliminary definition and sizing of these different options and make a comparison of solutions, ranking in terms of reliability, operability, oil recovery, cost and schedule.


Ransau analyze possible risks in an integrated perspective, using different methodologies and studies such as HAZOP, HAZID and other risk analysis that help you to better understand possible scenarios and impact in your organization.

We can offer experience specialists to assure that your integrity management system for your project is satisfying your needs. We act as a neutral third party, and evaluate the integrity performance



We evaluate the subsea technology offered by vendors and provide advanges and disvantages to use that type of equipment or technology.

You will feel sure that you are obtaining the resources needed for your project considering the field characteristics, reservoir, surrounded facilities, regional compliance, etc.

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