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  • Your menu and ordering system on digital format on each table.

  • A revolution of the Hospitality sector.

  • Tablets become an easy, attractive and intuitive digital menu and waiter.

  • The system is essentially about efficiency (currently, the hospitality world is not optimized).

  • Automatize and improve your ordering system with our system by offering your customers a great experience.

  • Grow faster with Ransau Enterprise providing an image of technology and modernity.










  • Updating the menu (design and content) whenever necessary but still avoiding the cost of re-printing

  • Added value through additional information such as pictures, descriptions, ingredients, videos, etc.

  • Possibility of multiple languages on all tablets.

  • Increases the impulsive consumption through the visual impact of the dishes.

  • Includes leisure and entertainment service to customers (games, news, etc…).

  • Enhances the business through promotions in advertising.

  • Communicates directly with customers.

  • Allows optimization human resources and eliminating human mistakes.

  • Significant time savings, generating a higher churn.

  • Reports and statistics resulting from the assessment and customer ratings.








The main benefits of implementing the digital menu in your restaurant are:

  • Increase revenue through:

    • Increase of table rotation,

    • Increase of impulsive purchases (made easier by the system),

    • Increase orders by attracting the customers with enticing pictures,

    • Help customer selection with an intuitive visual menu.

  • Improve customer service.

  • Cut down on waiting times.

  • Save time and reduce costs.

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